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The following conditions must be read and agreed to before submitting a request for an Interlibrary Loan copy.

  1. You may only request a copy of a single short excerpt from a copyrighted work. For example, a short excerpt might be a single article from a journal issue or single chapter from a book.
  2. You are only permitted to receive a single copy of the article/document requested.
  3. The article /document you receive via this service will be used by you solely for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody, satire, criticism, review, or news reporting.
  4. If the copy is used for the purpose of criticism, review or news reporting, attribution must be given to the source and, including the name of the author or creator, if available.

Failing to comply with the above conditions may constitute copyright infringement under Canadian laws, and/or violation of the terms of relevant licensing agreements.

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Charges for ILL services may apply. Policies vary between libraries. Check your library's ILL policies.